Safety eyewear, serves as protective equipment for the eyes. They shield the eyes from different kinds of hazards, such as flying debris, particles, sparks, and extreme light. Its essential to have protective gear if one is exposed to potential hazards in a work environment. Believe it or not, thousands of workplace accidents happen each day and more often than not, these accidents can be easily avoided with the right safety equipment.

Protective eyewear is commonly used among workers in the industrial and construction fields, since they are more vulnerable to hazards like sparks, flying particles, and even harmful chemicals. These glasses are designed and tested in accordance to the highest industry standards to ensure its reliability and protection against workplace dangers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Organization require that protective eyewear should be worn by workers when handling hazardous chemicals and workers in the industrial field. These glasses are designed to protect your eyes from hazards from the front and sides. Safety glasses back then were very thick, awkward to wear, and not very useful. Today, protective eyewear is more fashionable and versatile.

One of the differences between prescription safety eyewear from regular glasses is that they are meant not only to improve your vision, but to protect your eyes as well. Unlike regular glasses, protective eyewear not only covers the front of your eyes, but the sides and top as well. This is meant to protect your eyes from flying particles and to prevent harmful particles from entering your eyes and harming them.

Protective eyewear like Titmus prescription safety glasses is designed to withstand high levels of impact. If ever a random flying object hits your glasses hard at a high velocity, these glasses wont shatter or break. Protective eyewear uses lens made out of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a lot lighter, stronger and more durable compared to other kinds of lenses. These glasses can also have your prescription built into them. For people with vision problems, the only option back then was to wear large protective goggles over their prescription glasses. Now, with Titmus prescription safety glasses, being protected doesnt have to compromise your vision.

If you want to protect your eyes from various potential hazards, then investing in a pair of safety eyewear is a must. It goes without question that your eyes are an important part of your body, so ensuring their safety is essential.

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