Choosing the best medical alert systems for your needs requires some research.

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Advances in modern medicine have helped retirees to stay healthy enough to go on living at home longer than ever before, and this is a very good development. The only problem with elderly people continuing to living alone is the risk of falls or a medical emergency such as a heart attack. Senior citizens living alone are particularly at risk for accidents that include falling, a home invasion or a fire. Fortunately, acquiring one of the best medical alert systems for their circumstances offers a way for an aging parent to stay safe while living alone.

Several decades ago grandparents often moved in with the family of one of their children rather than live alone, but both parents of families usually work full-time these days. This means that Grandma or Grandpa would still be staying alone several hours a day, so an accident could clearly present a serious health risk. Most families feel their best course of action is to purchase one of the best medical alert systems to ensure their loved one is able to call for help immediately when needed.

Portable and Mobile Alert Systems

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While the original medical alert systems used the home telephone lines for operation, they were intended for in-home use only. New and updated technology allows the best medical alert systems to operate on GPS technology, so seniors are protected wherever there is cellular service. Medical Care Alert’s HOME & AWAY ELITE and Greatcall Splash are both mobile systems that are waterproof and offer fall detection. Neither require a contract, and The Medical Care Alert HOME & YARD system has a tiny speakerphone that requires no monthly payments after only a one-time equipment purchase.

Traditional In-Home Systems

Life Alert was the first medical alert system that was developed for in-home use. While the system has likely saved many seniors who needed help for an in-home emergency, the company requires a long-term 3-year contract. Medical Care Alert’s HOME system also offers great in-home protection that is contract free, and features one of the smallest medical alert buttons available.  Optional fall alert pendants and cellular modules make the HOME system very flexible.

Seniors who wish to lead an active lifestyle with greater independence can do so without causing undue worry to their loved ones when they use a medical alert device. Perhaps the one word of caution would be to choose a device that will work for elderly people who have severe hearing loss.  The best medical alert systems have loud speakerphones, but systems like the HOME & YARD or HOME & AWAY ELITE have 2-way voice pendants that are worn close to the body, making it easier to hear.

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