Medical Alert Systems

911 Alarm Alert® offer’s a New Personal Medical Alert Systems for the elderly
With 24 7 Monitored Medical Alarm System from 911 Alarm Alert® provides serenity because, if ever needed, help is just the button of a push away.
Each year one in every three seniors age 65 and older falls, but less than half talks to their spouse about it. A slip or fall can cause temporary to severe bodily harm, such as hip breaks and head injuries, and if not given the immediate proper care it can be life threatening in some cases.
Personal Medical Alert Systems for the elderly haven’t changed much since their introduction 20 years ago. 911 Alarm Alert® represents a huge leap forward.
Old-technology PERS have both a speaker phone base station and an alert button. The personal alert button is carried by the user and the speaker phone base station is placed where it can be plugged into a standard phone line in your home. You must be within 20-25 feet of the base station to talk to the operator. And unless you are within 200-400 feet of the speaker phone base station, your alert will not work at all. The speaker phone base station uses dial-up modem technology to place the call, which can take more than a minute to connect, time that can seem like hours in an emergency.
The 911 Alarm Alert® device works with any VOIP provider it allows for alarm transmission over any phone line no matter what the service provider is including, Magic Jack™. It has a range of up to 600 feet which is the size of 2 football fields; it offers seniors the security of a fully mobile medical alert system which aids in allowing seniors a continued independent living lifestyle that is still active, healthy, and safe. Your operator receives the signal and answers your call in an average of 20 seconds. You speak directly through your Unit to the operator and explain your emergency. Your loved ones get an automatic text message telling them where you are and that you need help. The 911 Alarm Alert® device also has GPS capabilities when used in conjunction with your smart phone which allows you the flexibility of traveling anywhere in the USA and Canada by simply downloading our smart phone APP (which is coming soon).